Better Jobs Better People

‘Better Jobs Better People’ has grown out of the conviction, based on observation and experience, that the excellence and fulfilment we experience in our lives will be improved dramatically if we have Better Jobs and are Better People.

‘Better Jobs Better People’ relies on an understanding of what is meant by Better Jobs and Better People. Please find descriptions of both below. This is not definitive, these types of descriptions never can be. If you would like to add to the conversation of what is meant by these terms then please use the facilities provided on this web site to take part in the conversation.

‘Better Jobs Better People’ is also a set of programmes that are delivered with the desired outcome of better jobs and better people. These programmes are tried and tested and are produced by YB12.  These programmes are equally effective for individuals or people in a team or corporate environment.

YB12 (Your Best 12 Months) is committed to providing the tools to enable everyone to live Life in Balance and are equally committed to the principle that everyone can change and develop to reach their full potential. This is what Better People are and what Better Jobs helps us to make happen.   

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What are Better Jobs?

An employee in a better job:

  • Contributes to the organisation’s efficiency and profitability.
  • Is clear that this contribution is valued.
  • Is inspired and energised by the purpose and vision of the organisation and has Goals and an Action Plan that reflect and contribute to the delivery of the organisation’s purpose and vision.
  • Has an input in to the creation of their Goals and Action Plan in a way that this input is allowed to reflect the employee’s skills and experience.
  • Is continually developed by the organisation to reach the employee’s full potential.

What is a Better Person?

Someone who:

  • Understands the purpose and vision of an organisation and is committed to delivering them.
  • Takes responsibility for setting Goals and an Action Plan that reflect the purpose and vision of an organisation.
  • Will always use time well because they have clear Goals and an Action Plan.
  • Takes responsibility for personal performance and continually has a mind-set of succeeding despite and not because of circumstances.
  • Lives a ‘Life in Balance’ and is therefore always energised and positive in the work place.
  • Understands the individual’s responsibility in contributing to the success of the team.

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